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Dynamics of a prison environment

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Discussion3.goes with the term as in this article, as Haney, Banks and Zimbardo (1973) discussed the interpersonal dynamics of a prison environment is discussed and the effects of prisoners and guards are shown.Conformity is defined as the behavior which is acted with the accordance of socially acceptable standards and it is an act of matching beliefs and behaviors to group rules. The article named Opinions and Social Pressure goes with the term as in this article, Asch (1955) measures the conformity as it is checked through exposing the group of people to a series of lines.Asch (1955) article of Opinions and Social Pressure uses the concept of self-justification in a way that Asch conducted a research on a group comprising of seven to nine young college students. In this experiment, the students were told that they have to compare the lengths of lines and they were showed two large white cards in which one was a single vertical black line. The other card was three lines of different lengths as compare to the first single vertical line.One of the three lines was of same length but the other two were different from three quarters of an inch. All of the students were told by the experimenter that they have to tell the wrong answer except one. When the experiment starts, all of the students replied the same answer except one. The one gets confused that whether I am saying the right answer or not. The one who is correct has to declare his judgments in public and then the one who gives the right answers changes his answers so that he can get fit in the social norms (Asch,1955).Consider an event in which a person aged 13, goes to college. He fully obeys his family members and friends. At this age, all the people like him very much. At the age of 18, he goes to a university in which the attitudes of the people are not good. Remaining under the social influence of bad people, he adopts the bad behavior as the person adapts the bad environment easily rather than in good

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