E-government & social inclusion

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

E-government & social inclusion. Critically assess policies of digital inclusion in the UK Digital Britain Final Report (2009) and compare them with policies in Singapore. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Digital Britain Report recognizes the fact that Digital Life Skills are central to the sustainability of the UK economy in general and of the marginalized sections of the society in particular (2009). Digital Life Skills are the cardinal participative tools that will eventually determine the success of all the government policies targeted at the upliftment of the socially and digitally excluded segments of the masses. Digital Life Skills stand to be the credentials that enable the citizens to have an equitable access to public services and economic opportunities in the sphere of social inclusion, employment and education. The report establishes beyond doubt that though the proportion of the people lacking in basic ICT skills has gradually dwindled over time, still a considerable chunk of the British population stands to be digitally excluded (2009). This lacuna deprives them of having an effective access to state portals of service and aid, thereby aggravating their sidelined plight in the attribution of opportunities and benefits. Therefore, the report calls for a sincere and concerted effort towards the enablement of digitally excluded segments of the society that are either unable to or do not know how to go online (2009).The report envisages the extermination of barriers that curtail the opportunities for the weaker sections of the society. It unequivocally conveys that the opportunities for the weaker sections of the society can be augmented and increased by the democratization of the ICT skills. This will enable the people to improve the quality of their life, better their employment prospects and uplift their communities. The digital infrastructure and literacy ought to be ubiquitous and universally accessible. This calls for the envisaging of steps that assure the incorporation of the marginalized groups within the ambit of digital

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