Early leader of family therapy

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on early leader of family therapy: cloe madanes. &nbsp.As it is common with many&nbsp.thoughts&nbsp.of family therapy, ideally,&nbsp.the involvement of families in providing solutions to different problems is indeed an important aspect, regardless of the origin of the problem or the involved party in the family or an individual. Many theorists have contributed differently towards the development of family therapy and its associated aspects, one of whom is Cloe Madanes.&nbsp.Strategic family therapy as a contributory work of Cloe Madanes with the assistance of Jay Haley addresses the various family problems easily addressed in short durations than the other theory modalities. In strategic family therapy, the therapist develops the activities undertaken during the therapy, design to the problem approach and the taking of responsibility by the therapist for the influence towards people (Barker and Chang, 2013). Cloe Madanes played a significant role in the launch of the family therapy movement. As a co-founder of The Family Therapy Institute of Washington, DC, Madanes contributed significantly towards the launch of the family therapy movement through the development of an interactional theory of human behavior, central to which is the concept of the double bind, through the establishment of the understanding of the relational and contextual nature of behavior (Madanes, 2006). Families face a number of psychological problems, which the majority of people fail to get their appropriate treatment. One aspect of substantive importance refers to the unit identified as a patient, which traditionally was considered an individual.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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