Economic, environmental, and cultural consequences

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

1.What are the economic, environmental, and cultural consequences of viewing Nunavut of the Territorial North as “Canada’s last frontier?” Are the frontier and homeland views of this region compatible with one another?2. To what extent can/should Atlantic Canada depend on megaprojects to improve the region’s economic fortunes? What other avenues offer potential as far as future economic growth is concerned?3. Compare and contrast Western Canada’s economy with that of British Columbia. To what extent is Western Canada’s reliance on agriculture similar to the role of the forest industry in BC?4. Speculate as to British Columbia’s future as a region of Canada. In 25 years, will it be classed as a core region or as a periphery region? What factors will impact on the region’s future development?Instructions:required to include a minimum of two external references per answer in Canada

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