Economic Opportunities

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Need an argumentative essay on Economic Opportunities Paper. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.American labor is not sufficient to fill in all these job vacancies and migration of workers from Europe and Asia are encouraged. As such, labor and employment opportunities are open in almost all areas of US.

Many states needed immigrants to add up to their sparse population to spur up the economy.They need workers to mines, factories and fields. These states actively invited immigrants by offering jobs or land for farming. Labor Exchanges were created to promote migration, offering cheap lands for permanent homes and cultivation. In Oregon, for example, Governor L. F. Grover, on August 23, 1870 issued a statement of need for farming population, inviting migrants to own land for residence and for cultivation of variety of products.(Oregon State Archives)Some States, Kansas, for one, made migration part of their business in order to increase their population. They have hired agents in principal seaports in Europe and in New York to communicate with migrant workers. All kinds of assistance are given such as reduced transportation fare, start up supplies, guides and attention to immigrants so they will be able to adapt in their new environment. Kansas was able to increase its population of 107.110 in 1860 to 550,000 in 1870 through immigration. (Oregon State Archives)*Shipbuilding. A lot of workers are needed as ship builder since US is one of the largest shipbuilders supplying the needs of Great Britain.

*Iron industry. Iron makers are needed in Pennsylvania wherein the industry made progress and iron exports are developing.Other opportunities are the disparities of income from the migrantÂ’s home country as compared to US make a big difference and enough reason for workers to come. Young and adventurous immigrants have come to US, and upon arrival looked for work and settled in communities where they have relatives and….

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