Economic philosophy

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 7 pages paper on economic philosophy. Though there are theories that can be described as being best suited to explain crime, the question is whether it can be argued that there is the best punishment that can help reduce criminal acts in the world. It is worth noting that scholars have held different points of view concerning whether there can be a theory that can explain in totality the criminal behavior of the contemporary society. Advancing this debate, this paper uses Gary Becker point of view to argue as to whether that there can be an appropriate punishment to deal with criminal behavior in the contemporary societies. In justifying this statement the paper would utilize the four part approach centered on three theories: Rational choice theory, Strain theory, and Labeling theory.In social strain theory, Robert Merton, postulates that most individuals have very similar aspiration, however, they do not all have similar abilities or opportunities. According to this theory, whenever individuals fail to realize the expectations of the society by approved means such as delayed gratification, and hard work, such persons might attempt to achieve their success through crime. Although this theory has played a significant role in sociological theorization of crime, limitation identifies in this theory, indicate that the theory cannot explain in totality what can drive individuals into committing crime. Cohen the first critique of Robert merton theory, there is ample amount of delinquent or crime behavior that is malicious, negativistic, and non-utilitarian. This indicates that not all crimes can be explicable with the use of Merton’s theory. As much as Merton’s theory can explain well, crimes such as theft, and fraud on such basis as innovation, this theory does not explain youth crimes that in most cases are involved in for social status reason rather than material acquisition.

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