Economic theory of marketing control and business

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on economic theory of marketing control and business. It is pointed out that franchising has certain benefits. Firstly, it allows distinctive competency, then quick expansion, uniform operation-standardisation, and lastly, same food experience (Funding Universe, n.d). Admittedly, McDonaldÂ’s has adopted franchising as a way of expansion. In this franchising, the parent company sells the right to distribute its products and to use its trade name to smaller businesses around the world. McDonaldÂ’s organisational culture is the culture the parental company transmits to its franchisees. The company operates according to four values. quality, service, convenience, and value. Though the company has enforced these basic values into all its franchisees, the franchisees are allowed to incorporate local culture into their marketing and products (McDonalds. Com, 2011) Another point is that the company hires local people for its regional operations so that they become able to make the company a good image in the local community by adopting locally accepted working culture, salaries, products and communication. There are two points that deserve attention here. firstly, the company seeks to offer the same product offerings around the world, and secondly, it intends to offer the same food experience for all customers. There are various reasons that prompt the company to go global. They are to gain more brand and shareholder value, to have more sources of income and growth markets, to lessen its dependence on the home market, to leverage the existing corporate technology, supply chains, knowledge and intellectual property, and to find better acceptance in the home country by being global. Thus, as cited in Ghosh et al (n.

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