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Education Sector Best Practices

Write a 4 page essay on Education Sector Best Practices.Curriculum entails more than an ordinary definition. it is a key issue in the process of education. The scope of career development is so large that it affects every person involved in learning and teaching.Inclusive education practices entail&nbsp.making the students feel welcomed and valued in the school, and therefore the students are effectively able to undertake all school activities entail rams. Diversity is accepted and respected. students’ different cultures, backgrounds, skills interests and needs. are taken into consideration in school practices and programs. To achieve thi9s end, there exists inclusive practices tools like. student survey, community survey, staff survey, school review profile, inclusive practices and survey reports. Inclusive practices tools are applied in supporting primary, intermediate or schools in engaging in the review process. The main purpose of the review process entails supporting schools in the journey towards developing and implementing inclusive processes for learners, including learners requiring special attention and consideration.Continuous personal development entails. learning by participating in the continuing professional development process. and from the experience and even the feedback. Competent professionals. look for opportunities and challenges in personal learning and development. identify mistakes and use them for learning opportunities. continuously participate in professional development programs. change behavior towards the positive through feedback and reflection. (Booth, 2011 15).Opportunities for learning and development include, pursuing management development training program.

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