Effective team and performance

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses effective team and performance. A team is composed of a group of people who work together to obtain a common goal. A team that is effective in nature has particular distinctive characteristics that enable the team members to work more productively and efficiently. Such a team develops a means of sharing roles of leadership and ways of sharing accountability for the products of their work. This shifts the emphasis from one particular individual to a number of various individuals in the team. An effective team will also develop a concrete work product and specified team purpose that the team members work to produce together (Smith 2010). The paper seeks to describe the overarching and recurring problems and how they would have been avoided as a result of what the team members could have done or should act next time to avoid problematic situations. The paper will also describe the key issues and the experiences of the team members in the seminar. In addition, the things that were learned in the seminar will also be highlighted in the paper.The assignment will be approached in such a way that the reflection will be done on the seminar activities such as the general information about the features of effective team performance, Belbin’s team roles on team cohesion, reflection on the emotional intelligence, and conflict and negotiation by team members. The alternative action on the recurring problems will then follow and finally what the group learned from the seminar and a brief conclusion. As mentioned before, an effective team develops active strategies of solving problems and open-ended meetings that go beyond deciding, discussing, and delegating what the team members should do. instead, they perform jointly their functions together. When possible and necessary, different individuals within a team will always set aside their personal work in order to help the other team members. Performance of a well functioning team has its foundation based not just on the ability of an individual member to have other group members influenced but is rather directly assessed via measuring the products of work of the team as a whole.

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