Effects Of Hormones On Human Behaviour

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Write 4 page essay on the topic Effects Of Hormones On Human Behaviour.However, the total reduction of the hormone also helps in restoring the impaired memory and a person can be restored to his or her sanity. Additionally, Progesterone is a hormone produced during ovulation. It is produced in female bodies and at certain times. The hormone increases the sexual anxiety of women during ovulation and is the reason for certain kinds of aggression and anxiety towards the opposite sex. Additionally, the hormone also increases the sensitivity of women at ovulation and women become emotional. The switch of moods is also associated with the hormone as it triggers feelings of anxiety and excitement. Hormones play a significant role in the physiology and psychology of human beings. Hormones are different and cause different behaviors on human beings. The behaviors of human beings are controlled by the hormones in the body they respond to different situations as we have seen above. Every behavior of the body and emotions that are evident are controlled by hormones are take place without our knowledge. Some of the behaviors of human beings are complex and cannot be entirely explained without thorough research and study of the human body together with the inclusion of individuals who can state their own experiences. Hormones can either cause a positive or negative behavior of human beings depending on the circumstances they are subjected to. Adrenaline is the most visible hormone because of the behavior related to it since it involves running and jumping.

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