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Embedded Formative Assessment

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Embedded Formative Assessment.Philosophically, this chapter adds value to the concept of teaching and learning. Indeed, this chapter promotes the concept of teaching by deriving subtle knowledge that enables teachers to devise instructional procedures that will help them to establish whether their instructional and teaching methods are effective. It also derives information on the most effective teaching and instructional methods that teachers should adopt (William, 2011). Moreover, this chapter adds value to the concept of learning by establishing the learning needs, learning trends, learning skills, and knowledge levels of different students with a view of enhancing the learning concept to motivate students and produce effective graduates.Notably, the material in chapter 4 relate to my health and physical education classroom in that it addresses the different learning skills and knowledge levels among my students. As such, this material will help me to establish the knowledge level, the most common learning trends, the thinking capacity, and learning skills of my diverse students. Indeed, although I teach the same thing using a universal module, my students come from diverse backgrounds and have varied potential and hence the significance of this chapter in establishing the learning level of each student in details.As a high school health and physical education teacher, this chapter will add value to me. As a teacher, this chapter will help me to develop an understanding on the significance of feedback as a teaching aspect. With this information, I will be able to assess feedback in my class and develop better feedback mechanisms to enhance my teaching. This will ensure that the feedback creates a positive impact among students thus guaranteeing success in learning. This will motivate my teaching. The knowledge on effective feedback will help me to

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