Embrace the attributes of the diversity

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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses embrace the attributes of the diversity. In an organization, levels of conflict are common when team members do not commit themselves to an organization process. When the organization’s management limits finances to support diversity programs, especially in women management, there will be an increased likelihood that levels of conflict may come into existence (Cox & Beale, 1997). The management can understand that the limits in the input and output resources of the company are negatively affected by the diminished consumer demand. Intergroup and intragroup levels of conflict will be considered in this discussion. An intergroup conflict refers to the disagreement among groups of teams while intragroup conflict is the disagreements that occur among the members within an organization (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007). Women in management can experience an intergroup and intragroup conflict with teams of management and request an organization meeting to address various problems, such as an absence of trust and the limits in funds allocation to diversity programs (Cox & Beale, 1997). Women can respond in a negative manner to conflicts with late work completion and absenteeism. There will be limited communication between the women in management and managers who refuse to support diversity programs by disapproving the management goals (Cox & Beale, 1997). However, it can be possible for women in management to work with the management in conflict to encourage and support diversity programs, which can increase the revenue of the company (Cox & Beale, 1997). Therefore, the increased revenue can support diversity programs and lead to the retention of women in management.

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