Emotional abuse awareness

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Emotional Abuse Awareness. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Therefore, the purpose of this research is, not only, to bring awareness to emotional abuse happening around us, but also to provide help for those who have been victimized.The number of teenagers who are daily abused emotionally has continued to increase everyday to appoint of equalizing to the number of those teenagers who are sexually and physically abused and this is a consequence of failure of psychological abuse occasionally coming up with education programs aimed at treating or counseling the victims. For example, where parents have been beating up their children ruthlessly, such children develop phobia that grow with the children up to their late ages. The children feel isolated or intimated, and if the father is the one who often beats her up, she may develop an attitude of hatred towards men in the whole of her life. It is important to pinpoint that teenagers are at their learning phase, and they require to be impacted with courage, knowledge and skills instead of making them live in tension and phobic to several life occasions.Adolescent age is one of the critical life stage that require complete care handling in terms of how we talk to them and how we correct their mistakes. Additionally, adolescents are very active and it is on this stage where the parents or a guardian needs to devote their time and other resources to make sure total control of the teenagers did. Due to such risk associated with the adolescent, guardians and parents have implemented oppressive rule and regulations such as remaining indoors always. Such rule or regulation denies the adolescent the right to socialize with other adolescents. Therefore, when the rules and regulation are very tight the adolescent feels denied their rights to enjoy total advantages as a youth and this data has been established by a sampling technique of 215 and 265 females who are suffering from emotional abuse hence the need to create awareness in order to stop

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