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Emotional anxiety

Chapter 7 – MemoryHere are some questions to use as a starting point for discussion.  Please feel free to discuss any other material that you feel is relevant and interests you. In addition, respond to, at least, one or two posts from other students.1. Years ago, neuroscientists discovered that forming a memory causes physical changes in the brain in which new synaptic connections grow between the neurons.  Each time we recall a memory it gets modified when we save it.  Based on this research, it was, recently, reported that psychologists have found a way to erase the emotional anxiety associated with bad memories without erasing the memories themselves.  It is done by using a drug call Propanolol which changes the way a memory is saved after being accessed.  Can you think of some ways in which this research can be applied?  Do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing?  Would you like to alter your memories; if so, why or why not?2. Describe a flashbulb memory you experienced, and what it was like for you. For example, 9-11-2001.3. Why do you think we often forget things? Chapter 8 – Intelligence1. Discuss the concept of Emotional Intelligence and apply it to yourself.  How is it expressed and used in your own life?Please read attachment of the overview of chapter 5 and 6, then answer the questions.Is a college psychology online class discussion, so don’t have to use really complicated words and each question please answer in 2-3 sentences.

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