Employment situation

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Compose a 500 words essay on Answer the Q. Thus, both these aspects affect the people in economic terms by hampering their earning opportunities (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics., “Employment Situation”).Cyclical unemployment can be estimated to be very difficult to overcome in comparison to other types of unemployment. It is very difficult to overcome as it encompasses with large numbers of candidates who are willing to work, but are unable to get a proper employment. Cyclical employment is prevelant in almost every country whereby people with proper talents and potentials are unable to find a suitable job (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics., “Employment Situation”).While calculating the unemployment rate, all the factors relating to unemployment of different age groups and both the genders are taken into consideration with the help of separate calculations. It would be benficial if the unemployement rate, as a whole, is calculated for deriving the exact rate of unemployment rather than basing the calculations on different aspects that may include different reasons for unemployment among different age groups and genders who are unemployed.For creating more job opportunities in the US, the country would need to improve its economic stability. It is only then that the country can be able to provide better employment opportunities to the deserving candidates. If the nation can increase its profitability by way of different business investments and other commercial associations, the nation would be able to curb almost all the issues related to unemployment to a very large extent.There are numerous issues that can be observed as related with the unemployment levels in the US. Recession can be considered to be one of the primary reasons for high rate of unemployment in the US. Recession is often acquainted with contraction in the investment and spending approaches taken by businesses which further lead to unemployment within the nation (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.,

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