End of Life Issues.

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

End of Life Issues. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Death is the most worrying factor as far as human generation is concerned because of the uncertainty after death. A person who nears the end of his life will often lead a stressful life since he doesn’t have much idea about what is going to happen at the next moment or thereafter. Though religion has offered him an eternal life after the death, because of the uncertainty in achieving it, even the preachers of religion will under immense stress when they approach the end of their mission on earth. Doctors especially the physician who treats such aged persons will often come across confusing situations. They may be forced to violate the codes of medical ethics for the sake of the patient’s well being. Effective advance care planning is important in providing good care at the end of life because it enhances a discussion of end-of-life issues between the patient, physician, and caregivers. The end of life issues such as advance directives: living will, durable power of attorney, and DNR is important in the current century in order to avoid the complicated issues one’s death can create. Ethical issues such as life-sustaining treatment must be adopted only with the proper consultation with the patient and the relatives. Keeping the patient central in all decision making, that is, respecting patient autonomy is essential to ethical care for dying patients. An advance directive is a kind of instructions a patient gives his doctor about the medical care he is looking for from the doctor or the hospital if the patient is unable to make any medical decisions. “For example, the directives would describe what kind of care you want if you have an illness that you are unlikely to recover from, or if you are permanently unconscious. Advance directives usually tell your doctor that you don’t want certain kinds of treatment. However, they can also say that you want a certain treatment no matter, how ill you are”.

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