Energe policy

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 pages paper on energe policy. (Fox-Penner and Peter S, 2010) A huge sum of monety is required before their implementation is attained. This may lead to tax rate increament. Although the regulations may affect people in terms of employment and costs, it is implemented for the advantage of the people. This is due to the health risks caused by these energy productions and also the environment. The life of a human being is more important than the money or the living standards of people. (Fox-Penner and Peter S, 2010) People should gauge the advantages and disadvantages in order to react to the effect of energy from Obama’s administration. In this paper we will be able to see two policies which should be considered and be implemented immediately and one which is not necessary for it to be implemented. Ozone is a combination of chemical reaction which includes methane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other volatile organic compounds. The Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards should be implemented in order to prevent its effects to the living things both animals and plants. This is in section 109 of the clean Air Act which includes both primary and secondary standards .The primary standards are used to protect the health of the citizens while the secondary standards are used in protecting the animals, vegetation, visibility and buildings. This act thus suggests that there should be control measure implemented on sources of air pollutants like industries and vehicles among others in order to reduce the effect of air pollution to the environment. (Implementation of the Clean Air Act National Ambient Air Quality Standards, 1998) This is because there effect will lead to an increase in health complication amongst the citizens subjected to the pollutants. The result of this will include spending money in solving these issues and many people might lose their lives. This will cost the government of about $19 to $90 dollars in order to be implemented which is high but it should also be considered that its effect will be affecting everyone. The effect of the ozone will affect the ecosystem at large as most of the plants will not be able to survive and humans will immune system will decrease increasing the chances of its effect to the human system. Emission reduction strategies should be used in both the local, state tribunal agencies from the menu of control measures in order to attain the national Ambient Air Quality standards on attaining a new primary ozone standard. Coal is a major producer of electricity in America by producing 54% of electricity supplied in the market. It is also used for cement among other purposes at home. Although it is useful to the American citizen it also has effects both to the health and the environment. The use of coal ash has many effects during combustion as they affect the human health for example they cause cancer and respiratory complications. They also affect the environment as it contains toxic elements like sulfur, mercury and fluorine among others which also affect the environment. Coal plants emit carbon dioxide which affects the climate change as it prevents the emission of heat from the Earth surface which leads to the global effect. This can be seen by the reducing level of waterways as a lot of water evaporates. The percentage of coal production is over million tons and about 78% million are disposed while the rest is sold.

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