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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic ENG DB3.The exile of the Jews by God was enough for them to believe that Jews had literally no place by their name on this world. The Zionists continued to work towards the settlement of their tribesmen irrespective of the oppositional cry. They developed the Jewish National Fund in 1901 with the help of the World Zionist Organization. With this fund they planned on buying lands in not only in Palestine but also Syria, various parts of Turkey and some areas of Sinai. These lands were carefully taken over solely for the settlement of the Jews. After purchasing the lands at very high price the Zionists were determined to keep it and also wanted it to be run by their own people instead of Arab farmers. They devised a plan of employing the Arabs in transit to another country so that they may be excavated instead of being thrown out of the land. Nearly five hundred and thousand people have been living in the West Bank against international law since 1967 despite the denial by the Israeli government.The colonization of Palestinian state led to severe bloodshed. Along with Britain, the Zionist body got together to clear the land of Jerusalem. The protection of the Jews became the chief motif in this regard. A British Embassy was establish to keep track of any report which went against the protection of the Jews. Even the Ottoman Empire was requested to give room to the Jewish settlers while their permanent residence was arranged by the higher authority. All this was done under Lord Palmerston in 1839. This way the British influence over the Middle East started to grow progressively.Israel has been avoiding Arab invasion in the premises of the Green Line ever since September 1997. This problem is being attempted to be solved by moving the Bedouins away from the towns of Negev and Galilee where they are mostly populated. The Jewish population remains under scrutiny for its suspicious moves against innocent

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