Engl week 3 forum

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Engl week 3 forum.As such they should do their best to deliver something that would appeal to the public. The writer should prepare just enough contents for his or her audience and not bore them with unimportant introductions or basics. The audience should also see that your article is useful and matters to them. Writing an article with a clear purpose makes it attractive to read. The audience targeted should feel that the article addresses a particular issue in their lives. The article should focus on specific topics and not be general or vague (Annemare, 127).If the issues of the audience and purpose are not addressed, several problems may arise. If the audience is not considered, age groups may be offended or even problems of gender sensitivity may arise. If the purpose of an article is not considered, the article will not be resourceful to the audience. Purpose gives an article meaning and resourcefulness (Annemare, 197).Once I read an article on fashion that did not seem to describe a difference between the dressing of teenagers and adults. I bet anyone who went through the article could not find good advice on dress code since it did not specify how different age groups should

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