English as todays global language

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic english as todays global language. According to statistics, about one-quarter of the world’s population is already fluent in English and this number is constantly growing: the beginning of the XXI-st century, it was more than a half-billion people. Any other language, for the speed and magnitude of the proliferation, can not be compared to English. The reasons that language becomes the first international, then global, have nothing to do with the number of people who speak it, but rather depends on who are those people. There is an inextricable link between language dominance and economic, technological and cultural dominance of the people speaking this language.In the absence of any power of the people, no language can not become a means of international communication. Language does not exist separately from people who speak it. Language exists only in their heads, ears, hands, and eyes of its users. When they succeed in the international arena, their language thrives. (Soler, 2008)These arguments seem to be obvious, but they need more time to pay attention because in the past few years other misleading views about the causes of a global status of English have emerged and have spread completely. Very often it is possible to hear statements about the English language that has received such wide distribution in the world because of grammatical structures which are simpler than in other languages or because of the fact that the English words do not need to add a lot of different endings, in English, it is no need to remember the difference between male, female and middle-born, so it is easier to teach. Many people talk about the similarities between the English vocabulary with the vocabulary of other languages, particularly French. Indeed, more than half the English words are borrowed from French and the English lexical point of view is actually the Romance languages than German. Another frequent argument is that English is a very democratic language, where there is no system of class differences.

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