English Education

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 4 pages with APA style on English Education. An interesting dimension to this trend in education is how students choose their schools. One would find, for instance, that parents take a greater role in their children’s schooling, especially in regard to university and skills education, in their desire for a better life and chances for their children. For example, Doria, (2005) talked about the case of Australia: A “factor that influences students to study in Australia is that the country is comparatively safe, it has a clean environment, and living here is affordable.” (20) Students are swayed by attractive university marketing, say, one that promotes the high quality of education and the relative appearance of the school campuses. Scholarship offerings, which the U.S.A. is known for, is also important factor in the students’ choices of schools. (Doria 2005, 9- 20)Another issue in studying abroad concerns immigration opportunities. For parents, if their children study, say, in Australia, there is a possibility of obtaining Australian citizenship for all families and that, in itself, is a worthy return for the investment. In addition, many students look for career opportunities by studying abroad where they can develop their mental abilities, cultural perspective and in learning another language. Some of them want to get away from restrictive customs (Doria 2005, 19).The result of this new phenomenon in education is that overseas students are forcing changes in the curricula of universities by requiring emphasis on the methodology of teaching, special programmes and also result in confronting the slowing down of communication classes due to language-skill and cultural barriers.

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