English language class

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses English language class.English is the main language in use within the country and therefore it becomes mandatory that I take this writing program in order to improve on my capacity to communicate in English through writing as well as be in a position to study effectively. Besides, with my future plans being in pursuing and practicing as an economist at an international front, it is prerequisite that I improve on my language which is to be English. I therefore feel indebted to write to any international student freshly enrolled for this course as a first year, first because I am equally an international student and also because in often times, as international students, fresh students often feel inadequate and would easily lose track on their studies with the perception that English as a language is difficult. Every international student ready to pursue this course should consider the following questions which would help in building confidence within them over the subject and hence be positive about English writing program. Why do people enroll for studies at any level? Am I as the student the first to pursue the program and if not why then cant I make it? How has the school structured the program and what are the resources that are available for use to the students in learning?In focusing on the previously stated questions to lead fresh students, I write to ascertain that such fears are always there and justifiable. more so to international students. Basic to any study experience is to learn new things of interest to the learner. This therefore would explain why students should be positive while enrolling for any course even a t an international school because the interest to learn new insights should guide them. This understanding would therefore be the bottom line to enrolment or any course because after all why should a person travel across borders and

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