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Enterprise Architecture (EA) Enables SDLC Processes

Write a 4 page essay on Enterprise Architecture (EA) Enables SDLC Processes. There have been several attempts to define EA in a more precise way but it is clear that finding a common definition that embodies all that EA stands for. According to quote (year) however, the harder this attempt is made, the more divergent opinions come up as to what EA really stands for. For the purpose of the current paper however, a definition that is used by The Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (2013) is adopted, which explains that EA analyses areas of common activity that are found within an organization by exchanging information and other resources to guide future states. EA are also known to be very applicable from an integrated viewpoint in terms of strategy, business and technology (quote).From the definition given about EA, it would be understood that EA emphasizes on the exchange of information. Meanwhile, at the initiation, planning or concept of phase of SDLC, sponsors identify a need or opportunity that they seek to pursue (quote). By incorporating EA, these sponsors will be aided to exchange information with other stakeholders to confirm the viability of the needs or opportunities that they identify (quote). This means that EA helps sponsors not to make bad decisions as to whether they have to carry on the opportunities with other phases of the system development. In effect, EA can help in gathering useful information as to whether the system development should be started in the first place. The requirement analysis phase of any SDLC has been noted to be a resource focused phase as it ends with decisions on the requirements that will be needed in undertaking the whole system development (quote). By extension, a lot of the financial budgeting is done at the requirements analysis phase. With this noted, quote (year) indicated that EA can be used to support the requirements analysis phase by

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