Enterprise architecture technique

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 4750 words assignment on enterprise architecture technique. EA allows the business organizations to set objectives and make use of the latest tools and technologies to achieve these objectives. In this scenario, this paper presents a detailed discussion on one of the most useful EA frameworks known as customer relationship management (CRM). This paper will start with a brief overview of enterprise architecture, after that we will discuss customer relationship management. This paper will discuss the latest applications of CRM and new developments in this area. The basic purpose of this research is to show how enterprise architecture helps achieve organizational objectives. According to Korhonen (2010), enterprise architecture is an important technique to support corporate decision making as well as forming and implementing an effective strategy with the organizational structure. Basically, an EA provides a broad depiction for the comparison of the present status and projected future position of a business organization with respect to the appropriate framework and their associations. Additionally, in a dynamic business environment, particularly, it is core which comprises analytical techniques that facilitate a variety of kinds of impact analyses on hypothetical transformed mechanisms and scenarios that express business value of architecture solutions (Korhonen, 2010). In their research Creswick (2005) presents a detailed discussion on the implementation of enterprise architectures. According to their viewpoint, the trend of implementing the latest enterprise architectures for business organizations is growing with the passage of time and gaining acceptance in IT businesses today. This is mainly for the reason that the US Government authorized the federal enterprise architecture, as well as also the rising complexity of the business.

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