Entrepreneur profile brief

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Entrepreneur profile brief. Paper must be at least 750 words. In addition to working towards economic development, this entrepreneur seems to be also very conscious of the environment and with this in mind. he has helped the people of Ranquitte to develop respect towards the environment and to attempt to restore it as much as possible to its pristine state. Durant, while conducting his activities in Haiti also went there as a missionary in an attempt to evangelize as he helped the community get back to its feet. As the head of the mission program in Ranquitte, Durant worked closely with the local people of the community, not only helping them gain materially through the coffee program, but also spiritually through teaching them of the goodness of God. His ability to take on multiple roles in an attempt to improve the lives of the community is highly commendable because it allowed him to help its people get a well-rounded growth (George Fox University, 2009).The story of Tom Durant is highly inspirational because it allows an individual to get a glimpse at the manner in which, despite the massive secularization as well as the high rates of poverty that plague the world, there are still individuals within it who are willing to help others overcome these problems. DurantÂ’s story is one that is full of hope for the people of Haiti and the rest of the world because it shows them that no matter what the odds are in their life, they can still manage to overcome them and become successful. Through his helping the people of Ranquitte to gain self-sufficiency through the marketing and sale of their coffee, Durant, through his entrepreneurship skills, has made it possible for this product to be recognized for the good qualities that it has. Moreover, Durant states that it is because of his involvement in Haiti that he has gained further spiritual growth because the mission program that he initiated has worked beyond his wildest dreams. improving the lives of the

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