Entrepreneurship in the global environment

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 11 page essay on the topic Entrepreneurship in the global environment.The term Entrepreneurship deals with running a business organization from scratch. The person involved in the process is called an Entrepreneur. The term Entrepreneur not only deals with various attributes which can be found in a person which helps in enhancing business but also the threats that a person faces in the process of nurturing those attributes. This person is known as an Entrepreneur and he is continuously engaged in developing new ideas for a startup, innovating ways to ensure growth of a business, strategizing plans to survive in the market and designing tactics to mitigate challenges. There are many Entrepreneurs who start their own business venture and put their best efforts to ensure that their business reaches the initial breakeven point. The viability of the enterprise will be established at this stage. These Entrepreneurs takes all the responsibilities and ensure that all the business operations are carried out smoothly and issues are resolved with innovative solutions. It is their hard work and dedication that helps the business to sustain in the long run. The Entrepreneurs who join large business organizations have a different role. They operate in specialized areas and foster a business climate which would be favorable for innovation of new ideas.Lionel Martin was a British Entrepreneur who co-founded Aston Martin which is a company that deals with luxurious cars. His love and passion for cars helped him to come up with a venture like Aston Martin. This was an important factor for his success as an Entrepreneur.

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