Enzyme activity

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic enzyme activity. This helps in enhancing the lively activities of the living beings. The free radical formation is an important cause in causing and increasing a disease. The enzymes that act as scavengers and remove ROS can help in preventive methods of some critical diseases.The investigations regarding the enzymes that are critical for the bacterial existence provide information about physiology of microbes. The understanding of cell metabolism, evolution of bacteria and the interactions between bacterium and host can be enhanced. With this information it is possible to explain the mechanisms that regulate the organism and to find out the proteins that are necessary of existence of the cell.According to Brendan Burns, George Mendz and Stuart Hazell in the case of CAA the resonances arising from -CH and -CH2 groups of the aspartate moiety have chemical shifts and coupling constants different from those of the amino acid aspartate. Thus, it was possible to make an unambiguous assignment of CAA.2 The investigations in other enzymes lack this type of identification in case of complex activities. Regarding the results related to the study of enzymes in H Pylori the NMR method will give good results when combined with radio active tracer analysis and spectrophotometry. The activity of the enzyme in the development of H pylori is useful in developing therapeutic drugs as it was found essential for existence and growth of H Pylori. The above activity was related to the enzyme investigation regarding the existence of disease causing bacteria. There are number of enzymes with varying activities. Some enzymes even effect the skeletal in animals (as well as in human beings). These activities are studied to solve the problems regarding the muscle problems. After the structure (skeleton) of the human body the muscle is the thing, which contributes strength and movement for it. The enzymes, which affect the fibre and the muscle, play an important role in developing methods to increase or preserve the efficiency of the muscle fibre. There are 3 types of fibres according to P. D. Gollnick, R.B. Armstrong, C.W.Saubertiv, K. Piehl, and B. Stalin (1972). These fibres are interconvertibility depends on the training given. The training proved to increase red muscle at the expense of white muscle. This means that the enzyme activity was changed due to training as the enzymes acting in the existence of red and white muscles are different. FIG. 1. Serial sections from vastus lateralis muscle stained for DPNH-diaphorase (lop) and rnyosin ATPase (boltom) from four sub-jects. A and B: untrained middle-aged subject (BA).

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