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Enzyme mixture

The questions are shown in the pictures.We have an enzyme mixture that contains our desired product, alcohol dehydrogenase, and peroxidase, a protein contaminated. To remove the…We have an enzyme mixture that contains our desired product , alcohol dehydrogenase , andperoxidase , a protein contaminate . To remove the peroxidase we will precipitate it . Peroxidase*has a molecular weight of 250 , 000 , a precipitate density of 1 . 3 9 / cm3 , a diameter in solution of10. 4 mm , and a diffusion coefficient of 4 . 1 * 10 – 7 cm2/ s . It is to be precipitated by a sudden PHchange in a 100 liter tank stirred with a 0 . 1 hp motor . The feed concentration is O . 2 9 / I and the*sticking coefficient is about 0. 05 s .A ) What is the time over which diffusion will limit growth ?"B ) What is the concentration of particles at the end of this time ?"C ) What time is required to grow 100 um particles for centrifugation ?’

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