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Era of technology for based issues

Write a 2 pages paper on the era of technology for the environmental based issues. Chapter-10 Discussion Question-2 The current era has been recognized and referred as the era of technology in which there are number of things have been transformed and completed with the help of this particular thing. Environmental issues could be a vital one from the standpoint of a country which could be controlled through the effective utilization of technology in total (Samuelson, p. 20-40). Likewise other counties and states, California is one of those states which introduced new things and technology merely to decrease the environmental based issues completely. Joaquin Valley, in order to control the environmental based issues from California introduced new ways to decease environmental based issues from the state completely by applying fees and fines on new residential and commercial development authorities. The idea could be referred as a perfect one because it will enable the council to get and accumulate sufficient funds which could be used for decreasing the level of air pollution from the environment, but there is something which is missing from this particular strategy in total as the first thing to initiate the same is to aware the people regarding the same. Creating awareness among the people is more worthwhile than that of applying the fees and fines over the people. It would work for California but new and effective strategies like in awareness could also be initiate. Chapter-11Discussion Question-2Public Law of United States (US) 480 stated that United States sells the surplus gains to the developing countries, which pay them in local currencies. Later on the country transfer much of its grains in de facto, but not to sell the grains which is not a good sign for a country which is highly effective and powerful in gaining and maintaining foods in total. This could be in a perfect way and United States has to look forward to gain advantage by selling grains. Self test-1In Economics, the name of elasticity is one of the most important topics which have its own importance and recognition. If the prices of food items are increasing without increasing the quantity, then it is known as negative elasticity in which prices are increasing not the quantities for poor. Chapter-12Self test-1There are two different forests which need to be harvest accordingly. First forest would be harvest accordingly and it is left in the similar position, while the second forest has been developed into a house. In terms of efficiency Forest 1 would be remain the oldest harvest age because it will remain in the same position for a long span of time, higher than that of the years of Forest B. Self Test-2R has been referred as the hurdle rate in this scenario. When it moves to a level of 0.02, then present value cost would increase initially and then decrease accordingly because hurdle rate would decrease the discounted factor in initial years and then increase accordingly. Works CitedSamuelson, Paul A. Economics. New York: Tata McGraw-Hill Education, 2010.

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