ERIE Assignment Part III

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Need an argumentative essay on ERIE Assignment Part III. Needs to be 4 pages. Currently, a lot of scientists are trying to study the most urgent questions of neurology and neuroscience for being able to elaborate efficacious recommendations and guidance for educational policy. Discoveries made in the research of brain’s activity will manage to widen our abilities and thereby find a totally new and more advanced phase of societal development.Although majority of scientists realize the significance of neuroscience, some of them consider that its role is rather over generalized because those knowledge and findings that we have can not be sufficient for educators. Hence, Bruer (1997) states that lately more and more people become confident in potential of neuroscience to provide better education, but because of such erroneously reassuring notion cognitive psychology is often left behind and underestimated meanwhile only its study is able genuinely to create well-grounded link between education and brain activity.According to the discoveries of neuroscientists, the biggest number of synapses which unite neurons in the brain can be seen in a period of childhood, when elimination of synapses comes after synaptic proliferation. It is considered that in case of high density of synapses, human’s brain is characterized with the highest efficiency in the process of education. In this respect, Begley claims that if parents and educators do not ensure a child with favorable stipulations for learning in a specific age period, some opportunities will be hardly restored in the future (cited in Bruer, 1997). This is why it is extremely urgent to pay sufficient attention to children’s education in the period of early childhood.According to neuroscientific findings, period of high brain activity varies from birth to ten years and taking into account such long and inaccurate age margins, some educational programs, such as

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