Essay detailing a particular event in US History

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Research Paper Instructions• As a historian you have been called upon toWrite an article. You will pick a topic, thenusing at least five outside sources you will write an essay detailing a particular event, issue,community, conflict, or other topic in US History from 1865-Present. Use at least five outsidesources – history books or academic articles. Three sources must be books. Use fromLibrary for articles. Expect to write roughly 7 pages and 1 page of citations (Total of 8). USE MLA or CHICAGO CITATIONS – SEE ONLINE For Links to websites that do it for you.  FORMAT: Double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins  NO .GDOC, NO PAGES (Macintosh) Writing instructions: Use “standard” essay format: ? Introduction one or two paragraphs, three maximum – Explain your topic. Summarize. What is the main point you want to make about the significance of your topic? This is your THESIS. Itshould be the last sentence of the introduction. ? Body of Essay 5-6 pages – Back up your thesis. A good format is block out 1-2 pages per example that reinforces your thesis. ? Conclusion – 1-2 pages – Now that you’ve laid out the evidence, connect the dots for the reader and then restate your thesis, showing that based on the evidence your thesis is true. Important tips: •Avoid using “I” phrases such as “I said” or “I think”. •Stick to your thesis – You will see other connections including to present day issues, but keep your writing focused on your objective – to prove your thesis. •Make your introduction short and the point, the body is where you explain things in depth.

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