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Write an essay on Adler. It needs to be at least 500 words.Of these ‘marking’ has been the issue which has been repeatedly cultivated. Marking has been an age old tradition for indigenous book addicts, & they have been the greatest champions of this approach. But is marking really effective in reality as its propagators quote to it to be? This answer requires a few notions to be discoursed.First let’s be clear. marking books is necessary but not obligatory. A reader who is enjoying a book from a spiritual plane may not require marking a book as he automatically gets involved with the metaphysical components of the book. Here a fundamental perception must be clarified. Marking a book is nothing more than an intellectual phenomenon. A person who does not possess the heart & soul of concentrating in the labyrinth of the pages can never attain his goal solely resting on the process of marking. The entire process of marking is of a cliché orientation. It encourages a person to scribble & squander the beauty of the mother article thereby destroying its tranquility. Yes, marking is a necessary aspect of reading. But it can never be the heart of it. It involves a mechanical process which may prove devastating for the reader’s psychic quotient. Reading should be all about enjoying, not writing & criticizing on the mother article right from the introduction. Finally all books do not require marking. The subject of the book determines the logic as what should be done with it. Indiscriminate marking in each & every book only alleviates complexity.Marking nevertheless has helped me in getting over numerous socio-political theories in books like Machiavelli’s, ‘The Prince’, Karl Marx’s ‘Das Capital’ & Robert Bresson’s ‘Theory of Film Language’. The markings in these books were mainly simplified summaries of the original text. It was written with the Endeavour to explore the inner world of these literatures in an easier manner.Adler develops a unique & interesting method to read

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