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Compose a 1000 words essay on AFGHANISTAN. The male members of Afghanistan’s population keep weapons with them as a sign of their personal honor. This paper contains a description of people and culture of Afghanistan.Afghanistan is an Islamic state and is landlocked which means that it has no sea routes. It can be considered as present in the center of Asia.The citizens of Afghanistan are called Afghans or Afghanis (Dupree 1977). The name of the state Afghanistan is given to it because it is the land of Afghans as they are the nationals of the country. The people of Afghanistan speak Pushto and Persian along with many local dialects. Afghanistan is a rich state in terms of culture and traditions (Jawad 1992). The people of Afghanistan consider themselves strongly associated to their culture, religion, identity and freedom (Toynbee 1961).Afghans live in form of Clans and are deeply rooted in the clan system. They felt themselves associated to other clan members and are always ready to secure their clan members from any attack or inconvenience from any side (Jawad 1992). The country has gone through many hard conditions of warfare and foreign invasion due to which, the country along with its people and culture has suffered immensely (Rall 2002). The country is mostly mountainous with green valleys in between. There are also plains and deserts in Afghanistan.Due to warfare in Afghanistan, many Afghans moved away from Afghanistan to the neighboring states such as Pakistan and Iran (Rall 2002). The people of Afghanistan are divided into many ethnicities or it can be said that Afghanistan is a country of people with mixed ethnicities (Toynbee 1961). It has a multiethnic culture but as far as religion is concerned, the dominant religion is Islam. The ethnic groups in Afghanistan are Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Baluch, Nuristani, Pashai, Aimak and Arabs (Dupree 1977). The Afghani people are identified according to their ethnicity by means of their being resided at different

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