Essay on ART-opinion paper

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on ART-opinion paper. Paper must be at least 500 words. The visit to the art gallery was a memorable one, since one could devote sufficient time to browsing and discussing unique aspects about the art pieces with the helpful attendant on duty at that time. Also, since the visit was during afternoon hours, there were few visitors around, and a leisurely viewing was possible.The glass-fronted facade of the gallery permits an exciting view into the interiors, which are well lit with the help of numerous focus lights from the dark ceiling. Inside the gallery, the interiors are designed for displaying art pieces at their best. Backgrounds in pastel shades such as peach walls and surfaces, and sky-blue stands hold Western contemporary and abstract paintings, graphite and pastel drawings, sculptures, photography, raku pottery, bowls, designer jewellery and blown glass art pieces, each unique and distinctive. The eclectic collection of art in several mediums and genres from various sources, artists and craftsmen, is representative of some of the best in creativity from the western world. All the artists associated with the art gallery are local and regional Denver artists who are highly talented, some of whom have been nationally and internationally recognized for their artistic abilities. These original art works are infused with the energy, knowledge and spirit of the artists whose creative skills are captured as a moment in time. Artists develop their distinctive style or technique over several years of formal and informal training while progressively mastering their craft.The paintings of wild animals in their natural habitats such as a doe and her young fawn, those of nature, country scenes and extraordinary sky-scapes compete for space with urban life depicted through towering sky-scrapers and buildings. All the art works are worthy of gracing any distinguished home, office or other space. The intrinsic value of fine art increases progressively and is a good

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