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Essay on Barriers to Care

Write an essay on Barriers to Care. It needs to be at least 250 words.Suicide refers to intentional termination of one’s life due to various reasons. There are serious concerns that the United States’ military records the highest number of suicide cases despite the many efforts made to alleviate this situation (Gibbs and Martins 2012). Currently, suicide accounts for a significant number of noncombatant deaths and continues to rise due to various reasons. First, there is too much pressure in the military service and this subjects workers to stress and depression. This condition is worsened by high expectations by top commanders that push junior personnel to work under extreme pressure. In addition, these officers have less time to engage in other relaxation activities leading to accumulation of mental stress. Secondly, these officers are exposed to frightening sights that make them forget that they are human beings (BC News 2003). The sight of killing fellow beings and trampling over dead bodies are some of the horrible scenes these officers have to deal with in their daily activities. Therefore, they experience many nightmares and dreadful dreams that interfere with their mental and psychological processes.Moreover, the counseling and guidance services offered to counter these challenges are available under the mental health department. Most people usually think that this department treats mad people. Therefore, they are never interested in things associated with madness (Gibbs and Martins 2012). In addition, the services and treatment offered for mental illness takes a very long time and before it is fully administered patients get exposed to other horrifying situations. Occasionally, patients fail to turn up for treatment and thus expose their health to more serious dangers. Lastly, military personnel are human beings just like teachers, businessmen and farmers (BC News 2003). They too need company and companionship from their family members and friends. However, they are usually

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