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Essay on Beggar Mafia

Essay on Beggar Mafia. Paper must be at least 1500 words. However, their has developed a business of begging that has spawned a series of crimes that defy the belief of the Western world. Children are being mutilated and maimed in order to be used by gang leaders for proceeds from begging through a form of organized crime referred to as a beggar mafia. In this research project I plan to show how there is a lack of awareness from which global social pressure could evolve in order to force countries in which there exists these organizations so that strict law enforcement actions can be put into place to stop the beggar mafias from operating.One of the horrors of life that face many parents in third world countries is the abduction of their children in order to force them into a profession of begging, centralized by leaders who expect them to bring home a certain amount of money per day. In India, one of the countries where this practice is predominant, there are more than 44,000 children who disappear each year, most of which are trafficked into illegal professions such as prostitution. A good portion of them are used within syndicated systems of beggars, maimed and mutilated to make them seem more sympathetic, and then their earnings taken from them in order to support the leaders of this heinous activity.The beggar mafia can exist because local law enforcement and politicians are benefiting from payoffs from the leaders of the gangs. Because of the different cultural concepts of individual value and law, third world countries are often susceptible to the existence of such organized crime within their cities. The prime targets of such trafficking and abuse are the poor as their poverty is easily manipulated through a lack of resources with which to combat the assault of circumstances that can be a part of the taking of their children, the use of their need, and the neglect of their overall well-being. In addition, there is the horror of doctors who are

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