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Essay on Business research. Paper must be at least 3000 words. The research will be conducted with the help of quantitative as well as qualitative analysis tools. Finally, the researcher will recommend ways through which the issue of business dependence on trade cycle can be gradually resolved.Contemporary nations experience perpetual upswings and downswings in their domestic economic productivity. In this era, an unfavourable incident in one nation momentously affects other economies in the world too. So, multinational companies whose business operations spread across various nations are often negatively or positively affected due to external changes in the business environment or trade cycle. Theoretically, temporary upswing and downswing trend of an economy is explained as its trade or business cycle. During an upswing stage, overall commercial activities in a nation lower and during a downswing, trading activities remarkably takes a rise. Hence, it can be precisely stated that commercial performance of every multinational firm nowadays depends on trade cycles (Canino, 2011). This is a research proposal aims to highlight the extent to which business or commercial activities in modern nations are dependent on trade cycles. It is highly rational to conduct a research work on this concerned topic because long-term economic prosperity of a nation relies on success of its multinational companies and that of these companies depends on trade cycle trends. The dissertation research work will be useful for future researches, which will be conducted on related topics. Additionally, this research will also help small companies to assess possible challenges that they might arise in future due to fluctuations in business cycle. Such analysis would enable these firms to overcome challenges during business internationalization process (Aulakh, 2006).The above research objective will be

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