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Essay on Criminology

Write a 4 page essay on Criminology.For instance, feminists’ positions led by Cain, Smart, and Carlin have based their arguments on gender in regards to criminology claiming of discrimination. This is because numerous sociologists have used male’s actions as yardstick in generalizing crime even among women without considering factors that affect them. However, their arguments instead of giving concrete backing end up gravitating indirectly to Charles Murray’s issue of “underclass” similar to Cohen’s argument (states’ crime and human rights), which this study seeks to address.By stating “underclass” in his argument Murray denotes how the rapid changing traditional family structure has yielded to illegitimacy, marital breakdown, inadequate childbearing patterns and augmenting crime among the poor (Longhurst et al., 2014). Most of the children comprising the underclass have been brought up by single parents and aging pensioners who in instilling the acceptable social values is somehow extremely hard. Hence, this state gives rise to a generation, which is not only a poor and struggling to cope with the current evolving industrial sector but also show no concern for wider societal values. Since, most of them despite being healthy and energetic, exhibit sheer unwillingness to take up paid employment thus end up embracing illegal economic activities coupled with quick-fix sexual liaisons (Jones, 2009). Consequently, this extends to their children who deem the responsibility of children squarely rests on their mothers but not fathers whereby the latter end up being irresponsible. The result of this regrettably deteriorates moral fabric of a given society as Murray contends because it continues to worsen with every incoming generation especially now in the present 21st century where feminist movements are more vocal in promoting independence of the female gender. This is especially in

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