Essay on Cultural Diversity in Nursing

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Essay on Cultural Diversity in Nursing. Paper must be at least 750 words. This report approves that for several years, cultural diversity among patients has been recognized by nurses taking care of them. These have also led the nursing practices to determine ways to respond to the varying needs of the patients. This includes the nurses having proper knowledge of the different demands that people from different cultures have and expect from the nurses. In order to treat them well, the nurses need to respect such differences. The proper knowledge of the different cultures and values and the effects of different behaviors is an essential factor in nursing practices. Also, cross cultural practices that include the complex knowledge and solutions that are used worldwide are necessary to be known and applied by nurses to treat diverse people. Thus the basic differences in physical, psychological and cultural factors are considered. This improves the communication skills of the nurses as well. The assistance of the healthcare departments is also necessary whereby proper infrastructure may be built up allowing the nurses to deliver the appropriate treatments. When nurses are culturally competent, they realize the harmful effects of ignorance or hatred if they treat their patients in biased manner depending on their cultures. This essay makes a conclusion that from the above study it could be concluded that it is essential for nursing practices in different health departments to consider effective measures such that culturally diverse patients may be treated with appropriate care. Such treatment and care needs to be unbiased with nurses having proper knowledge of the differences in cultures and values among different people.

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