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Essay on Dance

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Dance.Dancing expressions differ on whether can be used as an instrument of gesture and symbolism. As a result, some argue that they tend to be used for religious, ritual and ceremonial purposes. The expressions have differed in the way they define the cultural sequences of the body movement. The emotional expressions are also different as some explain that a person can dance without expressing emotions and that many groups do not just dance to music but rhythms in their minds. The expression does not inclusively compare dance to everyday movement, but they agree that it is repetitive (Ambrosio 58).Modern dance is a kind of theatrical dancing that is not as limited as classical ballet. In modern dance, movements express the feelings. Around the 1900s some American dancers started to rebel against the strict and confining style of Classical Ballet. Modern dance is very vivid, ever-changing and full of expression. Dancer’s like Alvin Ailey helped upgrade modern dance as we now see it. Art is basically one’s way of seeing them and expressing emotions. Because modern dance is without restriction deeper feelings and a stronger understanding is obtained. It is done easily due to this non-conforming way of dance. Urban dance or “street dance” describes any dance that has not come from formal beginnings like break dancing. This style is much improvised and can evolve without warning due to the individual. The beginnings of this style can be traced as far as West African culture.Dancing also plays an important role in culture. The rituals, dances, arts, music, and beliefs of a population are passed down from generation to generation. As previously discussed street dance is a modern take on old dance styles from older cultures. Some of the movements mimicked in modern times have come from Western Africa. Dances of celebration, acts of war, religious ceremony and been spread all over the world, but more so in the Caribbean and South American countries due to the old world slave trade. In Brazil, the African slaves that were shipped there also brought with them their culture of song and dance (Ambrosio 61).

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