Essay on Ethics + Professionalism

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Essay on Ethics + Professionalism. Paper must be at least 500 words. She always maintains proper eye contact with the addressee which makes the conversation very effective. She is never biased in her dealing with others as she treats everyone with same respect. She has no favorite student, as all students are her favorite people on earth. She loves to talk to students in order to motivate them to work hard to achieve their academic goals. She has same standards for everyone. She is always very helpful, and is optimistic in nature which is why people love to talk to her regarding all areas of life. Her main focus while talking to us is on making efforts to excel in studies. She never complains about anything which shows how very positive she is in life. Her overall attitude is very gentle and courteous, and her good manners and etiquettes are expressed in her attitude very clearly.I believe that professionalism is the ability of an individual to work according to the ethical standards to achieve goals and objectives in the best possible manner without giving any delays in the work pursued. Professionalism demands that work should be done while remaining within the ethical boundaries. Deadlines should be achieved within the given time frame, and everybody involved in the project should be satisfied. According to me, dress is an important reflection of professionalism. If you are dressed properly, or if you are following the dress code properly, that means that your attitude toward work is systematized. Untidy or improper dressing is a reflection of carelessness toward work. Professionalism also demands that one must be able to communicate effectively with people. One must have the convincing power, and must use language that is respectful and ethical. Eye contact is a crucial ingredient of effective communication. Without proper eye contact, there is no use talking to others about important issues. Eye contact increases the convincing power of the speaker. The

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