Essay on Event analysis

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Essay on Event analysis. Paper must be at least 500 words. However, one evening the warehouses and storage manager forgot to switch-on the refrigerating system before installing fruits and vegetables which lead to spoilage.One possible solution to the problem is through the context of change management. Management change is currently one of major domains of organisational research,and the study of organisational change has become one of the major aspects in being able and helping to measure the organisation performance. efficiency and effectiveness. It is important to understand the extent to which formal changes in management systems and role prescriptions have resulted in change in work behaviour and job satisfaction experienced by personnel (Manser, 2004). It is thus essential, when attempting to assess the impact of formally espoused changes within an organisation, to examine the extent to which, and the way in which, managers have adapted new forms of work behaviour in accordance with the new managerial role perceptions.According to Waters (1996) ever since people started to work together to reach a common goal, operations management has been an important ingredient, but since the industrial revolution, it has grown most rapidly. Operations management is the tool behind the technical improvements that makes production efficient. It is the way to plan and organize how the technology and machinery will be utilized the most. The productivity in an organization depends on both the right technology and the right way to manage it (Waters, 1996). However, TQM can be a success or failure depending on how well it is planned, implemented, measured, and encouraged. Few would disagree that continuous improvement offers substantial benefits for manufacturers (McNamara, 1999). As a basic tenet of TQM, continuous improvement can enable manufacturers to meet the competitive pressures of the global economy head-on, and to develop strategies for

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