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Write a 1 page essay on Final Analysis.Oversight is an important aspect in data networks in that it ensures successful implementation of policies within the business.Specificity of policies means that each policy should deal with a particular action while implementation guidance refers to what and how the policy will be undertaken. For example, implementation guidance may require that encryption be 1000 bits long. Within the context of information technology, implementation refers to various processes that include acquiring hardware and software, installation of the computer programs, testing, configuration and making changes that are vital during the performance of a system. Standards are implementation guidance that must be followed by policy implementers during the utilization of particular technologies. One of the key aspects of standards is that they are compulsory and they aim at creating uniformity within an organization. On the other hand, guidelines refer to the methodologies of enhancing security within a system.Raymond and Julia (2011) argue that due to their flexibility, guidelines are used to develop standards within various information systems. Even though guidelines are essential in systems security, they are not compulsory but they should be given careful consideration. According to Raymond and Julia (2011) three types of oversight that ensure policies are successfully implemented are auditing, vulnerability analysis and log files. Vulnerability testing refers to the scanning of network systems to be certain that all the configurations are properly set and adequate security of the system. It is important for a policy to drive both implementation and oversight to ensure that the objectives of the policy are attained within the

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