Essay on Finance

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Finance. Needs to be 4 pages. and a home page will appear to request you to put in your credentials that are if you have an account in. Alternatively if, one does not have an account you can still register for one by following basic steps.Simply I can invest in facebook. This is because facebook can guarantee you a triple income of what you invested.By selling a single share at $38 facebook has a returning market cap of $104 billion. Just for the record, at the time of the actual IPO opening when NASDAQ was printing shares one could see them post at the Etrade Market Depth tab. Mind you, trade had actually not yet begun, and so what Etrade staff told me was “these were trades being entered”. I believed that. The share prices ranged from ask and bid at 45 to 60, then jumped to 100, then 150 and finally 200. The asking price for FB at about 11:20 to 11:30 was 200 bucks. At some point this morning the SEC stopped trade because of short sellers. But whats getting missed is that many buyers, some of them had to be institutional, were willing to pay as much as 200 bucks a share on the IPO offering time. Why do I know this? Both the Market Depth tab and also NASDAQs staff member confirmed, this is “what customers were willing to offer”. NOW then, whats Facebooks valuation? The short sellers were trying to get the stock to below 30 dollars IMHO when SEC stepped in today the 21st. That indicates their willingness to resort to whatever means are necessary. This climate of criminality and greed is working against not only stock investors but also the USA itself. Holding 200 shares for a recovery, (NOT acquired the enormous price btw) and may buy more if they go down again tomorrow. On the 21st shares dropped to 33.00. They may fall more, but the markets too are in a moment of volatility regardless of the one Monday up to date. This was bank stimulated, and when the terrible news seeps back from across the pond again, right back to square

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