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Essay on Gravity

Compose a 750 words essay on Gravity. Gravity applies to freely falling objects and their acceleration as they move towards the Earth. On the surface of the Earth, the acceleration speed of gravity is around 9.8 meters that is around 32 feet per second of a freely falling object. Hence, the speed of an object that is in free fall increases by around 9.8 meters per second for every second that it is freely falling. On the surface of the Moon, the acceleration speed of gravity is 1.6 meters per second of a freely falling object.The efforts and works of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein influence the evolution of the gravitational theory. Newton’s elegant theory regarding gravitational force embraces dominances from his book Principia that was published in 1687, until Einstein’s efforts in the early 20th century came up. Newton’s thesis is still adequate till date for all except for the most specific applications. The theory of Einstein of general relativity envisions only very small significant differences from the theory that was provided by Newton except for a very few special cases.The main importance of Einstein’s thesis is its thorough conceptual departure from the classical theory and its implications for additional growth in the physical idea. The launching of space vehicles and the growth of research from those launches has led to substantial development in the measurement of gravity around the Earth, the other planets, and the Moon and in the various experiments on the nature of gravitation.The early concepts of Gravity were that Newton stated that the motion of celestial objects and that the free fall of bodies caused on Earth is caused by the same force or energy. On the other hand, the classical Greek philosophers did not regard the celestial bodies to be bonded or affected by gravity as the movement of the bodies was noticed to follow consistently

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