Essay on Hazard/Incident Report

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Hazard/Incident Report. Paper must be at least 500 words. Hazard controls are procedures that are laid to protect people from exposure to a substance or system and the procedures required to monitor individualsÂ’ exposure and their health to hazards such as chemicals, materials, noise, vibrations etc. there are three main types of hazard controls and these include elimination or substitution, administrative controls and engineering controls. An example of elimination control is when a hazard is something that can be removed such as noise can be removed through silencers. Examples of administrative controls include work policies and practices such as wearing of protective equipment for example helmets, timing of work and machinery among others. Examples of engineering controls include modification of machinery, providing ventilation systems and design production systems (Goetsch 120-250).TetrahedronFuel, heat, oxygen, and a chemical chain reaction are the four sides of the IH tetrahedron without any of them it will not work.Modes of contaminants entryThere are four modes of contaminants entry into the body: ingestion where an individual eats or drinks a chemical by accident. Inhalation where airborne contaminants such as fumes, vapors can be inhaled into lungs, absorption where a contaminant such as a soluble chemical such as a salt, finds its way into the body through the skin openings and lastly injection where a person may accidentally prick, cut or step directly onto contaminated objects thus injecting themselves with a contaminant, for example a cut with a knife (Goetsch, 120-250).

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