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Essay on International Relations

Write an essay on In 1919 the discipline of International Relations began with a question as to why wars occur. Almost a hundred years on, and in the increasingly globalizing world, should IR scholars still focus mainly on conflict or maybe cooperation. It needs to be at least 2000 words.International relations encompass other disciplines such as history, geography, culture, international law and philosophy. In 1919, international relations discipline began with the question of why wars were occurring. Historians, political philosophers and international lawyers have recognised international relations as a separate discipline that dates back to the end of the First World War (Lawson 2012). Early international relations scholars such as Camille Bloch of France and Pokrovsky of Russia believed global peace could only be attained if the existing balance of powers could be transformed in to a collective global security (Lawson 2012). However, the outbreak of conflicts shook classical diplomacy and surprised the scholars who had earlier thought that use of force was necessary in maintaining a global balance of power (Gaddis 1986). There were numerous concerns about the human cost of the conflicts and the effectiveness of secret treaties. The first scholars of international relations began at seeking answers on causes of the conflicts and how new international order could be crafted in order to ensure nations obliged to the principles especially the League of Nations (Kofman and Youngs 2003. Thesis statement: With the increasing globalisation, International relations scholars should focus attention on cooperation rather than conflicts.The next theory of international law was liberalism theory. Liberalism shaped nations in to industrial societies and advocated for a lien government, political freedom, liberty, human rights and democracy (Taylor 2005). Liberalism thinking shaped international relations in Russia since it led to the demise of Soviet Communism in early 1990s. Fukuyama claimed that the Western forms of government and international relations were more ideal for Russia since liberal democracy and capitalism would reduce the

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