Essay on Marketing project

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 250 words essay on Marketing project. For this very reason the government and the customers are encouraging the investment of public and private sector into the sector. they are encouraging more of private investment because it is believed that they would provide with better quality of services. The system of nursing home started in 1980s and with time and has progressed over the years. more investment during 1990s and it is believed that by 2011 the government would have invested $123 Billion into the sector.The quality of the services is under question. there are few areas that do not provide the expected level of facilities and much important needs to be given on them. The customers need the facility but at the same time they would prefer such nursing homes that would give them the standard they are looking for at a reasonable cost.Because there is high demand for the services that is why any new investment would find itself good customers and at an stage of investment. Guardian Care will be a good investment for the people of China as well as for the company if they focus on the existing lack of facilities and services and provide the same and bridge the

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