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Write a 2 page essay on Marketing 2.g undertaken also they designed teaser campaign for the firm’s rebranding process also a graphic was released which showed the repealing of old and evolution of a new identity on ’01.01.01’ (date of launch)(Rebranding and Repositioning a global brand. 29 legal firms all around the world were coming up with marketing strategies and advertisements which repeatedly captured the rebranding of Andersen Consultancy and the idea that firm was evolving into a bigger and better place.

Through this extensive research and massive marketing the firm transferred its brand equity from Andersen to Accenture which itself was derived from two words ‘assent’ and ‘future’, the idea of providing more and broader services than ever before. (Accenture) (Accenture, 2002)A. The shift in the Brand name as mentioned previously was a result of a legal decision which if not handled properly might have resulted in the collapse of a giant of that time. This rebranding was not a result of an innovation or anything. Criteria to evaluate the new brand name revolved around the question, that what innovation was the firm offering after this huge makeover. Business reengineering, Business Integration, Specialist in Technology, More and broader services, Masters in the field and Leaders of Future were the six agenda’s set by the firm at the time of rebranding.

In the light of these criteria Accenture is the perfect fit for the company since its name in itself speaks of future and is innovative in nature too. The conversion was no less then reengineering and transforming the firm into a whole new platform, for people to look up to with a guarantee of receiving the best at their footsteps. (Accenture, 2002)A. Accenture used this opportunity of renaming itself to reposition the brand in a whole new dimension. While this process of repositioning was undertaken the company and its legal and marketing advisors kept this fact in mind that the services of consulting being performed by the…….

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