Essay on Military Life

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 3 page essay on Military Life.A salute means a sign of respect. It is done to many things and persons * Standing with your legs apart and your hands together at your back is the “at ease” pose* No eye-balling. You can’t stare at the officer straight in the eye. * A thumbs-up = good* A thumbs-down = bad* Pointing your index finger and middle finger from your eyes and to where you think you saw something = this means you saw something and want to check* In patrol,you raise your arm with your hand in a fist = this means to stop* In patrol, you raise your hand, palm open with your thumb in front of your face. = this means walk or march in single file/line.* Raise your arm with a fist and motion it up and down in the air several times = this means hurry up*Slashing motion at the neck (left to right) with your hand = this can mean disregard, cancel, dead.

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